All instruments work best when their fittings are adjusted to their best possible state: this applies just as much to a basic student instrument as it does to a fine and valuable one. We will offer advice on the state of any instrument and how it might be put into the best possible playing condition. Our recommendations are tailored to be appropriate to the likely value of the instrument in question.

The correct angle and inclination of the neck is key to achieving optimum sound: this is the case with all instruments, but especially with cellos, where a small discrepancy at the neck joint can cause a significant error at the bridge.

The repairs in our workshop range from adjustments to soundposts and bridges, edge and minor cosmetic repairs, through to major rebuilding of instruments following accident damage. The French violin shown below had the misfortune to find itself in a flimsy case when it was crushed by the tailgate of a car suffering multiple cracks to the front. See also the restoration page.